Ivanka Child Care and Family Leave Plans Are a Hit With Dems and GOP

Ivanka Child Care and Family Leave Plans Are a Hit With Dems and GOP

One of the issues that first daughter Ivanka Trump has taken an interest in is child care and family leave. A mother of three, she has hoped to work with her father to gain support in Washington to make changes that benefit families.

It looks like she’s making some headway, much to the dismay of liberals and anti-Trumpers. CNBC reported that even Democrats “love” some of the changes they’re hearing about.

These changes would permit American families to deduct child care expenses from their taxable incomes, create savings accounts of up to $2,000 a year and grant tax companies credits for providing paid family leave.

The plan would also offers six weeks of government-guaranteed paid maternity leave for working women when their companies would not provide it by making it part of unemployment insurance companies are required to carry. It would also extend protections for women seeking equal pay in the workforce.

The policy works with Democrat demands for child care and family-leave policies that encourage women to remain in the workforce.

CNBC reported that the first daughter “surprised conservatives and liberals alike when she announced the plan in a speech at the Republican National Convention last summer and followed up with a roundtable with female GOP lawmakers while there.”

President Donald Trump unveiled his child care plan, which Ivanka helped craft, last September.

In his speech before Congress last month, Trump said his administration wanted to work with Democrats and Republicans to make child care not only accessible but affordable and ensure new parents that they have paid family leave.

It must send Democrats into a tailspin when they discover they might actually agree with some of Trump’s policies after working so hard to make him and his ideas look bad for the American people.

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