Islamic Authorities Release Video Claiming Gays Can Be Turned Straight With Therapy

Islamic Authorities Release Video Claiming Gays Can Be Turned Straight With Therapy

Liberals in America love to jump all over Christians for their views on homosexuals and gay marriage, yet whenever Muslims express the same or even much worse views, liberals do absolutely nothing.

The latest example of this liberal hypocrisy involved a video released by Islamic authorities in Malaysia, a nation known for its “moderate” Islam, that claimed that homosexuals could be “cured,” the Malay Mail Online reported.

“Fact is, there are those among Muslims that has (sic) non-heterosexual orientation but remains steadfast on the path of Islam,” the video stated. “For them, this is a test of Allah, and they choose to face the test appropriate with what Islam demands.”

None of America’s leading liberal voices have condemned this video yet. Now, replace the words “Islam” with “Christianity,” and “Allah” with “God,” and I’d be wiling to bet anything liberals would be burning buildings down in protest.

The U.K. Independent noted that this video endorsed gay conversion therapy — a practice that has been banned in several countries and has attracted much controversy in America.

Interestingly enough, the U.K. Express reported that several people have claimed that the film isn’t “hateful” but rather tackles the issue with thoughtfulness and respect — though not everyone thinks that.

The video is not available in English. Here it is in the Malay language, via the Daily Mail.

Christians in the West try to use thoughtfulness and respect too, but it doesn’t get much respect from the liberal media. And regardless of how many rainbow flags might be in the video it’s still something that liberals should have been condemning because of the message it was promoting — if they wanted to be consistent.

However, as with most things, liberals are simply turning the other way when Muslims do things that otherwise would be condemned by the left if Christians did them.

Liberals have certainly developed a blind spot when it comes to Islam. They talk about equal rights for women, but say nothing about Saudi Arabia flogging women just for trying to drive a car.

The hypocrisy of our liberal friends is stunning — and somewhat sickening.

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