ISLAM: Man Sentenced to 100 Lashes for Adultery… But Real Horror Is Woman’s Sick Sentence


Saudi Arabia is known for many things such as fancy buildings and massive amounts of oil … not to mention its terrorism sympathies and its love of executing people (particularly women) for small crimes that would never be considered “crimes” in the normal world.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that a Sri Lanken maid was caught with her lover, and both were sent to court to receive punishment for their crime.

The man was sentenced to 100 lashes, but the women was sentenced to death by stoning. Turns out that sort of barbaric punishment didn’t actually die in the 1300s.

The sentences were justified by the Saudi court stating that the man was single at the time of the adultery while the woman was married.

Sri Lanka has called on Saudi Arabia to pardon the maid.

“She has accepted the crime four times in the courts,” Upul Deshapriya, spokesman for the country’s Foreign Employment Bureau said. “But the Foreign Employment Bureau has hired lawyers and have appealed against the case.”

“The appeal is going on. Also from the foreign ministry side, they are in negotiation with the Saudi government on a diplomatic level,” he stated.

Many countries have called on Saudi Arabia to lessen its infamous severe sentences, but more often than not, the sentences are carried out.

Saudi Arabia follows Shariah law, a brutal form of justice that belongs in the dark ages, not in a 21st century world. Punishments under Shariah law are quite brutal, and often involve death or severe beatings.

In Western countries, where some Muslim immigrants are trying to establish a form of Shariah law, many of the “crimes” that people are charged with under Shariah law would never be considered crimes. While we may not like adultery, we certainly would never have the government kill someone over it.

Feminists and gay rights activist love to criticize America for not being as pro-gay or pro-woman as they would like, but they continually ignore the abhorrent crimes committed under Shariah law — and favor Muslims who take offense when it’s not respected.

Women are treated like property, and homosexuals are routinely executed simply for being homosexual. Maybe liberals should remember that the next time they start complaining about America.

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