ISIS Forced To Tell Fighters To Quit Texting To Avoid Being Bombed


Those who live by the phone, die by the phone.

Leaders of the Islamic State group have ordered their fighters to stop using messaging apps so that coalition planes could no longer track and bomb them, reported The Daily Caller.

Jihadists have also been ordered to remove metadata from tweets and to stop posting names, locations and identifiable photographs. As the radicals have learned, fools who run their mouths oft wind up dead.

Al-Naba, the Islamic State weekly newspaper (yes, that’s a thing) ordered followers to turn off their phones in order to prevent U.S. forces from using their signals to pinpoint strikes on Islamic State assets.

You’d think they would just have sent a tweet. Oh, right.

“Switch off your phone after you finish your communication and beware of the greatest disobedience of all — switching it on when your are in one of the offices,” said the article. “As long as it has power, the phone is spying on you.”

And we know what the Islamic State group does to those who are disobedient. Presumably everyone who wants to keep their hands was quick to shut down their phone.

The U.K. Daily Mail received a copy of an Arabic-language manual written to teach terrorists about metadata — information generated as you use technology — and how to remove it. Metadata can contain the date and time of a tweet, photo or video as well as the location from where it was sent.

The Islamic State group has also specifically banned all Apple products, believing them to be more susceptible to tracking, according to the International Business Times.

When the U.S. began targeting the radical militants in airstrikes last September, it used highly precise Tomahawk cruise missiles, which used data from satellites and ground intelligence, but cellphones can also be used to track leaders’ movements and pinpoint hideouts.

Hopefully the tools that radical Muslims use to communicate their evil plans can also be used to take them down.

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