What This ISIS Father Just Did to His Son Proves They Need to Be ERADICATED From Earth


It’s a known fact that the Islamic State group thugs are living in a barbaric world very different from our own. They carry out savage acts of murder in the name of religion and they treat their woman and children with complete and utter disrespect.

A recently released Islamic State group propaganda video demonstrated just how savage these people are, and no words can come close to describing the inhumanity it revels about them.

In the video, which was circulated on Friday, an Islamic State group militant spoke with a young boy, Abu Imar al-Omari, about a car bomb attack the boy would carry out. The boy looked to be around 11 years old.

The militant told the boy about the jihadi operation, and gave him instructions on how to carry out his suicide mission near the Syrian city of Aleppo, according to Newsweek.

He showed Omari how to operate the vehicle and detonate the explosives.

“I hope that the suicide attack will be my greatest moment,” he told the camera.

He also said his father persuaded him to carry out the attack. Truly sickening.


The boy and his father inspect the fortified vehicle, purportedly packed with explosives. One scene showed the boy inside the truck kissing his father’s hand as a blessing just before they hugged.

The video ended showing how the boy allegedly carried out the mission, as an explosion could be seen in the distance.

Watch the video below, but beware — it is disturbing.

This is an example of how the Islamic State group uses children to carry out attacks, and it is beyond disgusting. What is even more shocking is that this is a trend these people have no problem with.

If they can send their own children off to die, what would they do to “infidels”? These people must be stopped before they do more damage.

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Source: conservativetribune.com