ISIS Executed in Middle of Road by Iraqi Fighters

ISIS Executed in Middle of Road by Iraqi Fighters

The Islamic State terror group has been terrorizing the Middle East, and the world, for several years. Gruesome videos and reports of the murderous group’s atrocities have terrified many people around the globe.

While the image of most Islamic State group fighters is that of vengeful blooded killers who aren’t afraid of anything, the reality is somewhat different. In fact, it’s often nearly the complete opposite.

A video circulating the internet showed what was reported to be an Islamic State fighter being dragged through the streets of a city in Iraq after being captured.

We should note that it has so far been impossible to verify that these were in fact Islamic State fighters, or that the video was shot in Iraq. The video was posted to YouTube with the title, “Iraqi troops punish three ISIS fighters.”

Instead of being all alpha-male-like, the reported Islamic State fighter was blubbering like a toddler as he was dragged through the streets and beaten savagely by people who were presumably sick and tired of being afraid of the terror group.

You can watch the video below (WARNING: extremely graphic content):

Eventually the beating stops and gunfire was heard on the video. Presumably those fighters were executed.

This video might seriously damage the recruitment efforts for the Islamic State if everyone finds out they are just a bunch of crybabies.

Organizations like Amnesty International and other similar human rights programs would undoubtedly condemn what happened here, but to be honest we can sympathize with the people in this video if it was really Islamic State group thugs who were being beaten even if we cannot condone their actions.

Whether they are crybabies or not, Islamic State fighters have committed horrible atrocities, and they deserve to be punished for those crimes.

President Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail to bring back waterboarding and “much worse” when dealing with these Islamic State group fanatics, but it is unclear what he will do now that he is president. Whatever he opts to do probably won’t be as extreme as what these Iraqis did, though.

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