ISIS Attempting to Blend in With Refugees Leaving Mosul

ISIS Attempting to Blend in With Refugees Leaving Mosul

Islamic State militants are attempting to enter the United States and other Western countries by disguising themselves among the thousands of refugees who are fleeing the city of Mosul in Iraq.

According to Fox News, over 28,400 people have left as the war to retake the “ISIS“-held city rages on. However, many jihadists have used the opportunity to hide themselves among the refugees.

Fox News reported that since Feb. 25, 4,000 people have fled the city each day. The news source explained that is the highest rate since the battle for Mosul began in October.

An intelligence officer confirmed to Reuters that Islamic State militants have made their way over to Western countries, including the U.S., thus posing a threat to civilians in their own countries.

The officer, who was not identified, told Reuters he can tell exactly who those jihadists are by the way they act while travelling.

“You can tell because they are afraid,” he explained, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group..

“Those who are not Daesh are also afraid but it’s different from the fear of those who are with Daesh.”

The officer did not disclose how many Islamic State group fighters were caught at the Iraqi border, but one can only assume it has become a real problem if an intelligence officer has spoken out about it.

As terrorists make their way to the U.S., American liberals protest President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban that would ensure no terrorists from seven Muslim countries would be able to make their way to the U.S.

A federal judge has already deemed President Trump’s first executive order on immigration from terror-prone countries “unconstitutional,” as jihadists waiting to make their entrance cheered along with the thousands of American who obviously don’t deem national security as a priority.

Now, we wait for Trump to sign an amended executive order on immigration to keep these potential killers from coming to our land.

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