Intel Community Vets Claim Russian Dossier On Trump Is “Fraudulent”

Intel Community Vets Claim Russian Dossier On Trump Is Fraudulent

Veteran intelligence officials have concluded that the dossier published earlier this week by BuzzFeed containing controversial but unverified information about President-elect Donald Trump that had allegedly been uncovered by the Russians was unequivocally false.

“From my personal standpoint and my thorough review of this document, I have deemed it a complete and total fabricated fraud,” Col. James Waurishuk, a 30-year intelligence veteran who previously worked for the CIA’s Assymmetric Warfare Task Force, told The Daily Caller.

“For me, it is hard to believe how anyone who claims to know anything about intelligence operations, propaganda and disinformation would believe anything in it,” he noted.

Also sketchy was the motivation behind the creation of the dossier. As reported by the BBC, it was funded by an opposition team of both Republican and Democrat political operatives (read: hacks) who wanted to see Trump lose.

Speaking with The Daily Caller, 24-year intelligence veteran and former CIA officer Fred Rustmann added that the dossier described neither its sources nor how it gained access to them, which according to him were key elements that “any reasonable agent would spell … out.”

Moreover, it contained outright lies, such as the assertion that Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen traveled to Chechnya’s capital city last summer to covertly meet with a Russian operative. It was later confirmed by The Atlantic staff writer Rosie Gray that Cohen had been in Los Angeles when the alleged meeting occurred.

Cohen has himself disputed this allegation as well.

Plus, it made no sense whatsoever for Russia to leak compromising intelligence on the president-elect.

“If some country has the goods on you, it offers no value to make it public,” an American source in Russia reportedly said. “The point is, they would never leak what is most important to them. No credible intel agency would. You keep the best stuff for when you need that favor.”

D.W. Wilber, a former intelligence officer with the CIA and Department of Defense, added that were any of the claims in the dossier true, then that information “would never be given up.”

“It would be kept locked up tightly in the Kremlin’s safe and kept for possible later use,” he said.

Instead this intelligence wound up in the hands of BuzzFeed, a mediocre pretend-news outlet that caters to millennial snowflakes. Nothing about the dossier made sense — unless you work for Buzzfeed or CNN, apparently.

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