“Insider” Footage Shows How Santa Blows Off Stress… Open Fire!


On Dec. 24, Santa Claus will travel around the world on his sleigh delivering presents to little boys and girl who have been good all year. Apparently, the responsibility of providing gifts to millions of children can be quite stressful, though, and the red-suited man has an awesome, Second Amendment-friendly way of relieving that stress.

In a video from SilencerCo, Santa and Rudolph take a break from Christmas preparations with a trip to a snowy, North Pole shooting range with a bunch of silenced rifles, shotguns, handguns and machine pistols.

“My name is Saint Nicholas,” Santa said in the video. “Most of you know me as Santa Claus. My job definitely comes with a lot of stress, but we all have our own ways of relieving that stress.”

Santa noted that he used to have “boring” hobbies, such as whittling and baking. But, in the 9th century, a “magical thing happened” — gunpowder.

However, centuries of shooting guns without silencers has harmed his hearing, and silencers were the only thing that would allow him to keep shooting without completely losing his ability to hear.

“Unfortunately, the ATF have regulated (silencers) so much I can’t give them out to all the good little boys and girls,” Santa bemoaned.

SilencerCo reportedly created the video in its support of the Hearing Protection Act — a law that would remove silencers from the purview of the National Firearms Act, which would greatly reduce the paperwork and cost associated with purchasing one, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“It would be fantastic to see suppressors removed from the NFA,” Santa concluded. “If that happens, you can bet my sack’s gonna to be filled to the brim with shiny new silencers and the world is going to be a lot quieter.”

Watch the awesome video here:

Liberals are undoubtedly coming unglued at the thought of Santa Claus promoting guns and potentially giving firearms and firearm-related products to kids.

But, for conservatives, the video is an excellent show of support for the Second Amendment.

’Tis always the season for constitutional rights.

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Source: conservativetribune.com