INSANITY: See the Anti-Trump School Assignment That Has Parents Outraged

See the Anti-Trump School Assignment That Has Parents Outraged

Tragically, education in America today has gone from a place where children learn basic concepts to a place where liberal teachers take it upon themselves to attempt to force their views on America’s children.

In the most recent example of attempted liberal indoctrination, an eighth-grade language arts teacher in Plainfield, Illinois, has come under fire after a parent posted a photo of an anti-Trump quiz that the teacher made the students take, the Plainfield Patch reported.

The quiz was a fill-in-the-blank quiz that had a series of statements about President Donald Trump, and the vocabulary words that were to be filled in weren’t exactly positive.

“It was difficult for me to (blank) my feeling when I learned that Donald J. Trump had been voted in as our 45th President,” read one line.

“After reading about President Trump’s immigration ban, I did not realize how (blank) the law can be,” read another question.

This test is simply outrageous, and many parents who commented on the Facebook post felt the same way. Can you imagine if a teacher had given out a test like this about President Barack Obama? We would still hear the echoes of the cries of racism that would have rung out.

The school has indicated it is looking into the matter, though it is unclear if they will actually do anything about it.

“We are conducting an inquiry and review of the matter and if warranted will take appropriate disciplinary action,” said director of community relations Tom Hernandez.

If teachers want to teach children the basic principles of democracy and elections, that is perfectly fine, but outright partisanship has no place in that.

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