Indiana Cop Meets Stranger, Ends Up Agreeing to Donate His Kidney

Indiana Cop Meets Stranger Ends Up Agreeing to Donate His Kidney

Whenever we talk about a police officer going “above and beyond,” regular readers will assume we’re talking about a cop who’s been in the line of fire to save a life, or rushed into a burning building to get someone out.

Those police officers are heroes, and we certainly don’t deprecate that kind of bravery. However, police officers don’t need to do those things to go above and beyond. Sometimes, they just need to sit with someone who’s lonely.

According to WXIN-TV, a chance meeting at a restaurant led to an Anderson, Indiana, police officer donating a kidney to a cancer patient.

Anderson Police Department Lt. John Branson noticed Vietnam veteran Edgar Roberts sitting alone at a Cracker Barrel last summer. He decided to sit down with him and struck up a conversation, the station reported.

“I walked through a Cracker Barrel and I’d seen a gentleman sitting by himself, who had a Vietnam Marine hat on,” said Branson, whose son was about to graduate from the Naval Academy.

The conversation turned to 70-year-old Roberts’ kidneys, which had both failed due to cancer. Roberts had been on dialysis for five years and needed a transplant.

“John and Edgar promised to keep in touch, and John promised to check to see if he could be a match for Edgar,” a GoFundMe page set up to cover Roberts’ medical expenses read. “Two weeks ago John sent his blood work to Mayo Clinic to see if the two were a match….100% match!”

“He called me up and said we was a perfect match and I was just just couldn’t believe it,” Roberts said.

Branson will go under the knife in May down in Florida to get the kidney removed.

“I just think God is just awesome,” Roberts said. “I just think about what kind of person (Branson) is, what kind of man he is that would give me a kidney. He has to be a man of God.”

“If you can make an impact, a difference this huge in someone’s life, you should be able to do that without fail — without question,” Branson said.

If you want to donate to Roberts’ GoFundMe page, go here.

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