INCREDIBLE: Trump Meets With Delivery Man DURING Inaug, Cuts $10k Check for Cancer Treatments

Trump Meets With Delivery Man DURING Inaug Cuts 10k Check for Cancer Treatments

President Donald Trump generously gave a supporter and campaign volunteer  a $10,000 check during the presidential inauguration to go to a very worthy cause.

According to Independent Journal Review, 24-year-old and single father and part time Fed Ex worker Shane Bouvet fulfilled his wish to meet the president backstage after the Lincoln Memorial Concert on Jan. 19.

While meeting with the president, Bouvet disclosed that his father was dying of cancer.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Bouvet explained Mr. Trump’s reaction when he found out about Bouvet’s family situation. First, the president called Bouvet’s father to praise his son and ask if there was anything he could do for the family.

Then, he made a stunning offer. “He said, ‘Shane, I’m gonna do something special for you. I’m gonna give you $10,000.’ My dad’s fighting cancer and he wanted to lift that burden and make it easier for my family,” Bouvet recalled.

Trump then turned to an aide and asked him to mail Bouvet a check for the amount, before signing autographs for Bouvet and his son.

The Washington Post previously reported on Bouvet’s efforts during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The Illinois-based volunteer bought hundreds of Trump stickers out of his own pocket to further the cause.

When asked why he worked so hard on the campaign, Bouvet disclosed that his state was losing hundreds of jobs and many people he knew were out of jobs.

After months of tireless work, Bouvet received tickets to the inauguration.

“This is pretty much the biggest thing I’ve done in my life,” he said. “I don’t get out much. I’m a small-town, blue-collar guy.”

During his meeting with Bouvet, Trump thanked the volunteer profusely for his efforts and work to help during the election season. While many might just have said a quick “thank you” and moved on, Trump showed his generosity and genuine appreciation for all those who help him help America.

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