INCREDIBLE: Malik Obama Goes on EPIC Twitter Rant Against Hillary in Support of Trump


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a splash before the third presidential debate when he announced that he would bring Malik Obama, President Barack Obama’s half-brother, to the debate as his guest.

Malik has been an outspoken opponent of the Barack Obama administration and has also vigorously defended Trump throughout the general election cycle.

Trump is known for his Twitter rants, but Malik may have one-upped Trump over the past week when he posted several eyebrow-raising tweets of his own.

Courtesy of The Daily Caller, here is a collection of Malik’s 10 best tweets from the past week. We would encourage you to check out his Twitter feed, because he has posted some real gems since last week as well.

Some of Trump’s campaign advisers have pushed the strategy of “let Trump be Trump,” but Malik Obama appears to have taken it a step further by saying that Trump is always going to be himself, no matter what others want.

Clearly, Obama approves of Trump’s plan to focus on deporting the criminal illegals first and then worrying about the non-criminals. Clinton doesn’t quite seem to grasp this concept.

While the media have attacked Trump over his alleged support of the Iraq War in 2003, they have ignored the fact that not only did Clinton vote for the war, she presided over the rise of the Islamic State, which caused the situation that is going on today.

Thousands upon thousands of hacked emails have displayed how corrupt Clinton is, yet as soon as someone speaks out in support of Trump, people accuse that person of being paid. Liberal hypocrisy truly is stunning.

Here, Obama took a shot at Clinton’s controversial comments about a popular internet meme.

Clinton has stolen from so many people that is almost impossible to know which theft Obama is talking about here.

Now, that’s a good one!

The “Clinton News Network” executives have really shown how biased they are during this election.

Here, Obama took a shot at the Black Lives Matter folks who are always whining about one thing or another.

One of Obama’s best tweets was a shot at Clinton’s now-infamous remarks calling half of Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” who were “irredeemable.”

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