Immigrants Convicted of Sex Crimes on New Year’s Eve Avoid Prison


As the holiday season kicks into high gear with Europe still in the throes of a migrant crisis, memories are stirring of the catastrophe that took place last New Year’s Eve in Germany, when a mob of immigrants committed a wave of sexual crimes in the city of Cologne. Women in the city reported over 1,000 cases of sexual assault and rape, according to Breitbart.

Two immigrants convicted of committing sexual assault that night were sentenced for their crimes in July, and the outcome was disgusting.

The defendants, identified as Iraqi immigrant Hussein A., 21, and Algerian immigrant Hassan T., 26, were found guilty of aiding and abetting sexual assault, but found themselves walking free from the court after they were given only a one-year suspended sentence, the German Express reported.

While Hussein A. expressed remorse and apologized for his actions, his fellow criminal smiled and laughed as he left the courtroom.

Both men took pictures with their two victims before the sexual assaults, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.. During the court session, the victims wept as they described the horror they went through during and after the assaults, the Daily Mail reported.

The judge, who was not identified, said the men acted like “animals” toward their victims, according to the Daily Mail.

Sentences such as these will only contribute to the unfavorable view of the justice system in Cologne. Authorities already faced scrutiny after it was revealed that police attempted to cover up details the crimes of that night.

Sentences like these also teach immigrant criminals that they can get away with their crimes. This is opposite to the message we should be sending refugees who come to our Western countries seeking asylum. They need to know that they must abide by our laws or face serious consequences.

As we close in on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there will be celebrations everywhere — and unfortunately there will also be monsters out and about looking to make trouble.

Wherever you may be, it is important to remain vigilant and aware while joining holiday festivities.

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