Illegal Alien Told Police He Cut Off Mother’s Head Because He “Felt Like It”

Illegal Alien Told Police He Cut Off Mothers Head Because He Felt Like It

Shocking revelations from an investigator’s affidavit in the case of Oliver Funes Machado are hard to comprehend. The 18-year-old living in Point, North Carolina, an unincorporated area in Franklin County, decapitated his mother on Monday.

Records of the 911 call to dispatchers made by Funes Machado were chilling. The teen calmly told dispatchers that he had killed his mother “because I felt like it,” according to CBS. He also told dispatchers that he “stabbed her ‘like eight times’ and left the knife in her mouth.”

The voices of the suspect’s 4-year-old sister and 2-year-old brother could be heard on the dispatcher’s recording, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. The first deputy on the scene saw Funes Machado exit the house with his mother’s severed head in one hand and a bloody knife in the other.

Funes Machado was arrested without incident and charged with first degree murder. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued an immigration detainer for Funes Machado, a Honduran national who was in the U.S. illegally, according to ABC News.

The body of Yesenia Beatriz Funes Machado, 35, was found inside the home with the two young children nearby. A fourth child, a 14-year-old boy, was at school. The father arrived home around 5 p.m. and was so distraught that he had to be helped from the scene by relatives and police.

Psychiatric medication used to treat psychosis was found inside the home. Warrants attested that Funes Machado was on four different psychiatric medications, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Family friend Miriam Banegas told WNCN that the teen had a history of mental problems and had been released from a mental health facility less than a week before the killing. Responders on the scene were understandably traumatized and were being offered counseling to cope with the gruesome scene.

Various news outlets have reported the names of the suspect and his mother as Funez and Machada, and have reported the location of the crime as Raleigh, Zebulon and Wake County, North Carolina.

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