Idiot Lib Woman Proudly Displays Her Ignorance With DUMBEST Protest Sign EVER

Idiot Lib Woman Proudly Displays Her Ignorance With DUMBEST Protest Sign EVER


Of all the stupid signs that were proudly waved at last weekend’s women’s march, one struck our eye as possibly the dumbest sign ever.

And that’s saying a lot, because we had to wade through signs that were this dumb.

The sign we’re talking about, however is so ignorant, it defies logic.


The woman’s sign reads “I wish my uterus shot bullets so the government wouldn’t regulate it.”

It’s cute, I suppose.

This idea – that vaginas are regulated more than guns or bullets, came from a column that an Alaskan liberal wrote in the local paper three years ago.

She offered no real evidence of the idiotic claim. But let’s just break down some of the things you can do with your vagina that you can’t do with a gun:

  • Carry them on an airplane. You don’t need to check your vagina with the luggage.
  • Concealed? In many places, you can’t conceal your weapon. Ladies, are prepared to walk around with your vaginas out in the open?
  • Interstate travel: You can drive across state lines – all of them – with your vagina safely between your legs without having to fill out any paperwork.
  • You’re not required to pass a background check to get a vagina – but given how many single mothers we have now, that might not be a bad idea.
  • If you ‘re arrested in your home, the media isn’t going to report that you were “armed with an assault vagina.”

Tell you what ladies … you love to tell us that “If you don’t have a vagina, then you don’t get to make laws regulating them.

That’s fine, as long as “If you don’t own a gun, you don’t get to make laws regulating them.”


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