Identity Politics Threatens To Bleed Democrats Dry

Identity Politics Threatens To Bleed Democrats Dry

For years, carving up America into groups that could be used as the basis of identity politics has been one of the chief strategies for the Democrat Party. In fact, they even have a bit of a slogan for it: “Demographics is destiny.”

Now that’s coming back to bite them hard.

A new report from BuzzFeed revealed that “a set of black-led political action committees has begun organizing as outside political groups, carving out their own lane for fundraising and their advocacy priorities” that doesn’t involve the Democrat establishment — a move that’s bound to have DNC head Tom Perez very unhappy.

“There’s always been this longing for more support,” said Quentin James, a Democrat strategist and mover behind one such group, Collective PAC.

“(The Democrat National Committee’s) objective is not to elect black people to office. It’s to elect Democrats. We have to build independent power outside of any party that prioritizes our values and issues as a community, and to do that I think you have to consider that the DNC is not the sole vehicle to create that pathway and progress.”

Jessica Pierce, the national co-chair of Black Youth Project 100, says the new organizations would address concerns about resources that would “essentially make us feel like we’re included.”

“It’s like we’re in a bad relationship,” Pierce said. “They say, ‘Hey, we hear you, we’re going to change.’ Then they do worse. I think this moment is us finally saying, ‘This is not working for us.’”

The move was also championed by former DNC head Donna Brazile.

“The best way to leverage the increasingly strong clout within the Democratic Party is to build a network of donors to support candidates running for office or those outside the party’s mainstream for additional resource allocations,” Brazile told BuzzFeed.

So this is essentially where the Democrats are going — not forward as a united party but as a loose confederation of identity groups, all of whom think that it’s their job to make sure the party pays more attention to them than the other guy. Clearly none of this is going help the Democrats with blue-collar white voters — which, as Newsmax points out, is where they lost the presidential election this year.

And this is how they think they’re going to win elections in 2018 and 2020? Good luck on that one. As it turns out, identity politics — the very thing the Democrats used to fuel their support for decades — could be the cancer that eats their party away.

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