Husband Brings Her Flowers at Work. But When Sons Appear, They Leave Her SOBBING

Husband Brings Her Flowers at Work But When Sons Appear They Leave Her SOBBING

Valentine’s Day, the day of love. This holiday is celebrated with gifts, kisses, chocolates, and more.

Not everyone enjoys this day, or what it “means.” Some people claim it is just a Hallmark holiday made up to encourage everyone to buy, buy, buy, and spend their money.

For others, Valentine’s Day is their favorite! Spending a date day or date night with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is one of the best ways to share their happiness and love for each other.

So when this Georgia mom saw her husband walk in with flowers, that was enough for her. Clearly shocked and surprised, she was teary right away.

Then one of Elizabeth Holt’s sons came in with flowers as well. How sweet was that?

Already emotional, Holt was just as surprised when her second son walked in with flowers. Feeling luckier than ever, she could barely talk.

When her third son walked in with flowers, she just could not believe the sweetness of her men towards her on this Valentine’s Day. These gifts touched her so.

The rest of the ladies in the office were in tears, too, from this beautiful gesture. A balloon and several different vases of flowers later, this whole delivery was caught on tape.

But that’s not it, and she was about to get the biggest surprise ever. One of her sons asked, “Where’s your keys at?”

She didn’t understand and asked, “What?” “I got it,” someone told her while handing her a mysterious key.

She still didn’t know what was happening, so they lead her outside with the key in her hand. When they instructed her to set off the alarm, she finally realized why.

Her sons bought her a car! “Don’t do that!” she said through tears and hugged them all. “It’s too much!” she exclaimed.

Holt’s son, Matthew Collins, said that growing up they were poor, but there was always so much love. “Everything we are as a company or individuals comes back to the love that this woman has instilled in us our whole lives,” Collins shared.

Giving back to their mom with a new car was the least they could do. Both the car and the insurance are paid off.

“What is a more fitting day than to try to show the person who taught you what love is than on Valentine’s Day!” Collins recalled. What a sweet gesture!

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