HUGE: After Berlin Attack, Trump Tells Media “You’ve Known My Plans All Along” on Muslims


President-elect Donald Trump seemed to stand by his plans to crack down on Muslim immigration yesterday.

When asked if the recent terror attacks have caused him to rethink his position on immigration, Trump said, “You’ve known my plans all along, and I’ve been proven to be right.”

Speaking to reporters outside his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the president-elect said that terrorist violence such as the recent shooting of the Russian ambassador in Turkey and the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market was disgraceful.

This would seem to indicate that Trump hadn’t changed his stance on establishing a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country as well as surveillance of mosques and other places where Islamic terrorists might assemble.

During his campaign, Trump also said that he wouldn’t be opposed to a database of Muslims entering the country if it should come to that. However, he also expressed hope that it wouldn’t come to that and that the flood of immigrants could be controlled some other way.

He has also said in the past that he would deport illegal immigrants.

Trump didn’t spell out what he meant yesterday, and while there was some ambiguity in his statement, it seemed clear that he wasn’t backing down from his tough stance on Muslim immigration.

Take a look at the video below:

Of course these remarks will infuriate liberals everywhere, but Trump has never cared about that (and that’s one of the reasons so many people voted for him).

The fact that Trump appeared to be willing to follow through on his remarks about Muslim immigration is big, and it is good for the country. He seems to be determined to fulfill as many of his campaign promises as possible. More importantly, he seems to be determined to do what he can to make the country safe again.

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H/T The Washington Post