Huffington Post Contributor Says She Felt Instant Shame After Finding Out She Had European Heritage

Huffington Post Contributor Says She Felt Instant Shame After Finding Out She Had European Heritage

Liberals, in particular the media, have often portrayed “being white” as something that needs to be apologized for or ashamed about, but one liberal writer recently found out that when she shamed “whiteness,” she was also shaming herself.

Christine Michael Carter, a contributor for the Huffington Post, decided to celebrate Black History Month by conducting an ancestry report on herself, but the results of that report weren’t exactly what she was expecting.

Carter found out that her genetic makeup was 31.5 percent European, or white, according to an article she wrote about the report, which was conducted by DNA-research company 23andMe.

The report also concluded that the liberal journalist was 67.2 percent Sub-Saharan African, 0.6 percent East Asian/Native American and 0.6 percent “unassigned.”

“Huh? Of all the emotions which materialized from the results, the two strongest were disorient and shame,” Carter wrote about finding out that she was nearly one-third white.

While, for most us, the realization that our ancestry includes an unexpected background wouldn’t be a life-changing situation, for Carter, who had built a career around being a “black marketing expert,” it apparently was.

“(A)s someone who has become a black millennial marketing expert … this s*** matters,” she wrote. “It’s as if I’ve obscured the one thing which has guided me since I was nine years old … my heritage.”

Obviously, Carer’s skin complexion told her she wasn’t 100 percent African by makeup, but she wrote she thought her lighter coloring came from Native American ancestors.

Carter reportedly felt “inferior” when she found out that she had the “superior race” running through her veins.

“As inappropriate (but honest) as it sounds, I’d discovered I had the so-called ‘superior’ race running through my veins, and never before had I felt so inferior,” she said.

Maybe if you hadn’t spent your career trying to make white people feel bad about their skin color, you wouldn’t feel “inferior” about the fact that you share the same heritage.

“While I’m no Rachel Dolezal, I must accept the fact I do have white ancestors. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but quite honestly, the road to acceptance will not be an easy one for me to travel,” she wrote.

Imagine for a moment that a white writer found out that her heritage included black ancestry. Now imagine that white writer saying it would “be hard” to accept the black part of her genetic makeup.

Anyone want to place bets on how long it would take liberals and the mainstream media to run the white journalist out of the profession?

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