Huckabee Blames Hillary’s Loss on Her Being a “Poor Candidate”


Democrats and their liberal media cohorts have of late been promulgating a conspiracy theory that President-elect Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election because of the influence of sinister Russian hackers.

Speaking Sunday on Fox News, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee revealed what he thought about this particular theory.

“This premise is totally ridiculous … that’s nonsense,” he said. “Look, they lost … (I)t wasn’t the Russians who beat them. It was a lack of ideas. It was Hillary being a very poor candidate.”

A very poor candidate with an abysmal favorability rating among the American people, 72 percent of whom reported distrusted her in a poll conducted over the summer.

“It was maybe in some measure the reality of what was leaked in those emails,” Huckabee continued, referencing the flurry of hacked emails from both the Democrat National Committee and failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign published by WikiLeaks, which had no formal ties whatsoever to Russia.

“The fact that we found out that the Democrats really did hold contempt for Catholics and evangelicals — religious people of all stripes,” he noted.

Listen to him below:

Speaking on “The Kelly File” two days earlier, Huckabee added that the idea of Russia wanting Trump to win simply did not make sense.

“With all due respect, this notion that Russia wanted Donald Trump to win is nonsense,” he said, as reported by Fox News. “The last person they want in the Oval Office is Donald Trump. For eight years, they’ve pretty much done whatever they wanted to.”

“I don’t think they’re going to do that kind of stuff under Donald Trump because he’s bringing in a whole new kind of approach that says America isn’t going to sit back and take it in the teeth,” he continued.

Most Republicans agreed with this line of thinking, but not all. According to NPR, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both of whom stubbornly refused to vote for Trump, issued a joint statement with Democrats this weekend stating that reports of Russian interference should “alarm every American.”

Actually, what should “alarm every American” is that anyone in his right mind could possibly believe such inane malarkey …

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