Hours Before Election Bob Creamer Bombshell Email Proves He Was Working for DNC


A recently published WikiLeaks email from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign chair John Podesta showed how the Democrat National Committee worked with Democrat operative Robert Creamer to “get some folks out front” of the Republican National Committee headquarters to protest against Donald Trump at a meeting Trump had with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in May.

Reports of the meeting at the time included coverage of alleged anti-Trump protesters outside the building. The Washington Post, The Hill, USA Today and NPR all reported that the scene outside the RNC headquarters was chaotic, and the media pushed the story to promote their anti-Trump agenda.

Apparently it was all a setup, and Creamer was at the heart of it.

The email came from Eric Walker, deputy communications director for the DNC, and was titled “Action in front of RNC on Thursday morning for Trump/Ryan meeting.”

The email, which was sent to two staffers, opened with Walker saying he had already discussed his ideas with “Creamer, et. al. today,” and that he was “calling allied groups to get some folks out front of the RNC before 9 a.m.”

In the message, Walker discussed how to stage protests at the RNC’s headquarters during Trump’s meeting with Ryan.

The email also revealed Walker’s suggestions for anti-Trump signs for the alleged protesters to carry.


In another email, Walker worked with Creamer to disrupt an event for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who was then running for president in the Republican primaries.


“I’ll link up with Creamer and see if (E)verytown or any other member group has something planned, and if we can get them on board for something,” Walker said.

Creamer, disgraced former head of the liberal consulting firm Democracy Partners, was recently implicated in a Project Veritas video in which he admitted to trolling rallies with “protesters” in “Donald Duck” costumes because that is what Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wanted.

Creamer was also caught on video for selling access to Americans United for Change. Creamer also visited the White House 340 times between 2009 and June 2016.

Creamer, who spent time in federal prison for banking fraud, stepped back from his responsibilities working with Clinton’s campaign because he didn’t want to be a distraction. Distraction or not, Creamer represents the corruption that plagues the Democrat Party.

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Source: conservativetribune.com