Horrible Smell Near Mexican Border Identified… Residents Horrified as Mexican Sewage Leaks

Horrible Smell Near Mexican Border Identified Residents Horrified as Mexican Sewage Leaks

Residents in the San Diego-Tijuana region have recently discovered the cause behind an awful stench coming from the Tijuana River, and it has left them understandably outraged and disgusted.

According to local news reports, the cause of the odor turned out to be more than 140 million gallons of raw sewage that had slowly leaked into the Tijuana River, making its way to the coast of Imperial Beach, California.

The International Boundary and Water Commission reported that the sewage leak started Feb. 2 during the repair of a sewage collector pipe that ruptured on the Mexican side of the border. The sewage seeped into the river and wasn’t contained until Thursday.

That’s just sick.

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina was outraged by both the spill and the government’s lack of response.

“This by far was the worst sewage spill in over a decade, if not ever,” Mayor Serge Dedina told KNSD.

“It stunk up an area probably about 15 miles along the river, so you had residents along the river complaining about it,” he said. “And then it contaminated a stretch of coastline for more than 20 miles in the U.S. and Mexico.”

In a statement released Saturday, the mayor said, “Border authorities charged with managing sewage infrastructure and reporting these spills must do better and be held accountable for this act,” The Sacramento Bee reported.

He even called for the chief of the international water commission, Edward Drusina, to resign over the matter.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Dedina said. “It was absolutely unacceptable that it happened and, number two, it was unacceptable that we weren’t notified.”

Dedina is right. Something needs to be done about the leaks and the reaction time of authorities in charge of notifying residents.

Thankfully, the beaches, which are popular with surfers, were already closed due to sewage runoff from recent storms.

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