Homeschool Mom’s Facebook Suspended After Sharing Quote From Bible… Persecution Is REAL

Homeschool Moms Facebook Suspended After Sharing Quote From Bible Persecution Is REAL

A Christian homeschooling mother was censored by Facebook after she posted a Bible quote to back up her belief that homosexuality is a sin.

According to The Christian Post, Elizabeth Johnston, a homeschooling mother of 10, was defending her beliefs on Facebook after another user called Christian “hypocrites” for their beliefs.

So, Johnston responded to the Facebook post with some Bible quotes from Leviticus which deem homosexual acts as “detestable” and an “abomination.”

Almost immediately, Facebook suspended her account.

“Someone had commented underneath one of my videos and were commenting under the thread and said something about how Old Testament law prohibits the eating of pork — one of the homosexuals’ favorite arguments to make,” Johnston told The Christian Post.

“I responded with just scriptural commentary and that is considered ‘hate speech’ by Facebook,” Johnston explained. “It was just very intellectual and it was just a commentary on what the Bible says. There was no name calling or anything like that.”

Read exactly what Johnston said with these screengrabs:

Johnston was suspended for three days before having her account restored. When she once again had access her to account, Johnston posted about her experience with Facebook and told her followers exactly why she was censored. Almost immediately after, Facebook again suspended her account.

“Last Sunday, I posted something about the ban, explaining to my followers where I had been the last three days and reposted the screenshot and wrote #FacebookCensorship,” Johnston said. “That ticked them off and they didn’t like that at all. It was going viral. Just within a few hours, they had banned me again and they were going to make it more painful.”

According to Facebook’s community standards, Johnston’s post was deemed as “hate speech.”

The standards state that Facebook removes “hate speech,” including content “content that directly attacks people” based on: race; ethnicity; national origin; religious affiliation; sexual orientation; sex; gender; or gender identity; or serious disabilities or diseases.

If Johnston’s Bible quote is hate speech, what about the terrorists who use social media to promote their propaganda and are allowed a platform? It seems as if those are the people Facebook should target instead.

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