Homeowner Fought Off Intruder With Machete, Then Realizes It’s His Nephew

Homeowner Fought Off Intruder With Machete Then Realizes Its His Nephew

Could be an extremely dysfunctional family. Could be a weird coincidence. Could be just a stupid mistake of some kind. What’s clear is that two New York City men are in the hospital after one of them violently subdued a masked robber who turned out to be his own nephew.

According to WPIX, a 57-year-old occupant of a house in Jamaica, Queens, was expecting the delivery of a package last Friday morning and responded to a knock on the door. He did find someone outside holding a box, but that individual was wearing a mask and forced his way into the house in an attempted robbery.

The occupant, who has not been identified in news reports, fended off the assailant with a machete in a battle that left the attacker in critical condition and the defender in serious condition, KTVI reported. When the attacker’s mask was removed, he was revealed as the occupant’s 25-year-old nephew, Kevin Henriksen. It was, in fact, Henriksen’s birthday.

News reports give no indication of what was in the box. Perhaps the nephew wished to exchange an unsatisfactory gift for a more appealing one.

Henriksen, described by shocked neighbors as “a very nice person,” was hospitalized with severe skull injuries. His uncle’s injuries have not been specified. Henriksen will be charged with burglary, assault and criminal possession of a firearm.

If the neighbors knew the assailant, he must surely have been familiar with his uncle’s house, which would rule out a coincidental excursion. But robbing a close relative in his own home, even while wearing a mask, is pretty bold. To go further than this would be irresponsible speculation.

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