Home Nurse Shocked at Empty Fridge. When Ashamed Patient Says Why There’s No Food, She Runs Outside

Home Nurse Shocked at Empty Fridge When Ashamed Patient Says Why Theres No Food She Runs Outside

With it being tax season, many are looking forward to a possible refund. For a lot of people, this is considered a small bonus and used as an excuse to treat themselves.

It is easy to think, “I have worked really hard this year, I deserve to spend this money on myself.” There is nothing wrong with this, but would it really be the best use of your refund?

A lot of the excuses we use for not donating or spending a few extra dollars each year revolve around either not having the money in our budget or the government taking too much. But, your refund is the perfect opportunity to help out another person who may be struggling financially.


On March 7, Amanda Mary Perez posted on her Facebook about what she did with her refund. It may surprise you and will surely touch your heart.

Perez is a personal care aide who looks after her clients in their homes. Often she helps them clean or do other tasks they are physically unfit to carry out.

On this day in particular, she was in the home of an elderly man who asked her to clean his refrigerator. When she opened it up, she was astonished at what she saw.

The fridge was almost completely empty. She wrote, “Seeing this, I quickly turned over and asked him who buys him food he pointed at himself and looked down as if he was ashamed. He said, ‘I buy food when I have the money.’”


As she was cleaning the fridge, she started to feel guilty. Her mind was racing, thinking about her wants contrasted against this man’s needs.

She recalled something she had been told before and shared it on Facebook: “Someone once told me, ’It doesn’t matter what you have now because as a human you’ll always have the mindset that it’s not enough and you need or want more.’ Lately I have been so upset because I wanted the materials in life: a new car, house, more clothes and shoes etc.”

It was during those moments as she was scrubbing the empty refrigerator that she knew she needed to do something. Immediately following her shift, she jumped into her car and rushed off to the grocery store.

As Perez admitted in her post, she is not a wealthy person. Yet, she was quick to use her refund — which she had originally planned to spend on herself. ”I don’t have food stamps or a good paying job so I used my income tax money to fill his fridge as much as I could,” she writes.

She closed out her post with a self-realization, “I opened my eyes and realized I need to stop being so mad about what I don’t have and start appreciating what I do have.” Indeed, this can likely be applied to all of us.

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