Holy Cow: Rudy Giuliani Called Hillary A Stupid Liar On Live TV, And Then He Called Her Something Even Worse Than That!


Former mayor of New York City is an American legend. We all love him for what he did for New York and America.

Rudy Giuliani is a close friend of Trump and he really like to see him in the White House.

They know each other for decades.

He knows how capable and how strong and good man Trump is.

He knows how America will be much better of with him in the White House.

That’s why he is so passionate about crooked Hillary and her lies!


He loves America and hurts him to see that this evil woman is trying to destroy America for her own benefit. This is why Rudy is so passionate these days and liberals are shocked to see this they cannot believe what is happening and they are insulting him now throwing names at him etc. but he do not care for all of that.

According to Yes I’m Right:

” Rudy has been one of the most vocally opposed to Hillary since day one. Other than Trump, he’s probably second on line in the “Hillary deserves to be in prison” camp. Well Rudy finally had enough. What he said to her on Fox & Friends this weekend will have everyone cheering. He takes Hillary down HARD!

On “Fox and Friends Weekend” this morning, Rudy Giuliani ripped Hillary Clinton for using her concussion as an “excuse” for her mishandling of classified information during her interview with the FBI.

He said that she’s either stupid, incompetent due to brain injury or simply lying, and he believes it’s the latter.

The former New York City mayor pointed out that there were multiple times during Clinton’s interview with the FBI when she said she “couldn’t recall” something.

“Most of them strike me more as lies than they do as things she can’t remember,” Giuliani said. “I think it’s the liar’s retreat – ‘I can’t remember, I don’t recall’ – rather than brain injury.”

“I don’t think she’s massively brain damaged, but I do think she’s a massive liar.”

Look at this brilliant but brutal smack down to Hillary that he did yesterday on Fox and Friends.

Remember now, Rudy was a former member of the Department of Justice. He’s fully qualified to be making these remarks. If a former member of the department of justice thinks that someone is a stupid liar, then they probably are. I mean, I believe him. Just look at Hillary’s track record.

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