HOGPOCALYPSE Promised for Destructive Boar in Possible Texas Law

HOGPOCALYPSE Promised for Destructive Boar in Possible Texas Law

There is a serious problem in Texas and some surrounding states with the rapidly growing population of wild pigs, some of which can grow quite large and dangerous, that has spurred the development of new methods to combat them.

In a recent news release from Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, it was announced that a new weapon had been approved in the battle against the destructive feral hog herds, that weapon being an anticoagulant drug designed specifically to poison and kill the hogs.

The drug is known as Warfarin and is used by millions of Americans in ultra-low doses as a blood thinner, but when it is used as poisoned bait for the feral hogs, it is utterly devastating.

Miller told the Austin American-Statesmen that the herds of feral hogs roaming the state cause at least $50 million annually in damages and lost revenue, as the hogs routinely dig up and destroy crops and gardens, damage fences and equipment and even destroy the habitats for other wild animals and livestock.

“They’re so prolific, you can’t hardly keep them in check,” stated Miller as he explained that sows usually produce two litters a year, usually with four to six piglets in each litter. “This is going to be the hog apocalypse, if you like: If you want them gone, this will get them gone.”

The product, officially known as “Kaput Feral Hog Lure,” has undergone years of testing and was recently approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. It was also used to great effect for the same purpose in Australia years ago, but has since been banned for being “inhumane,” according to The Washington Post.

The way the drug works is by causing massive internal bleeding once it has been ingested by the hogs, turning their insides a shade of blue and eventually killing them after a few days to a few weeks, depending on how much they ingest.

Though the drug has been deemed safe for limited use as a toxin against the wild hogs, there are still those who worry that the poison could end up sickening other wild animals, such as birds and rodents and other small mammals.

But just about everyone is in agreement that something must be done to reduce the feral hog population, and Miller, who had previously secured legislation permitting Texas hunters to shoot feral pigs from helicopters, thinks this solution to the pig problem will be the final one.

In fact, Miller is so confident that the hog poison will work, he even informed the legislature that it would no longer need to appropriate the $900,000 annually in the budget for his department to deal with the wild hog issue.

Hopefully this tactic will work to reduce the population of the destructive packs of hungry, powerful and easily-angered wild animals, without causing substantial harm to the environment or other animals that don’t present such a problem.

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Source: conservativetribune.com