She Is Hillary’s Kryptonite – Judge Jeanine Shoved Every Word Of Hillary’s America-Hating Speech Down Her Throat!


WOW, Judge Jeanine had another epic rant, and this one is special.


She is Hillary’s kryptonite, she is destroying every Hillary’s lie again and again!

And we love her for that!

According to Yes I’m Right:

” The sheer, unadulterated gall that Hillary Clinton has is unending. Standing and proclaiming at a rally that all Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables is right up there with her looking in the mirror and thinking she’s not a liar. It’s just hard to fathom yet it happened and here we are talking about it.

If we’re speaking objectively, dismissing half the country’s votes is a catastrophically poor decision on the part of Clinton. All of her past transgressions aside, however difficult that may be to imagine, when you’re running for the highest office in the entire world you cannot just alienate half of the country you’re trying to run. What message does that send the country itself? What message does that send other foreign leaders. Will you suddenly call an ambassador a renegade crack pot to his or her face?

Hillary is unstable and shows it regularly, but what’s even more disturbing is the fact that she called half the country deplorable simply because of what we believe in. Judge Jeanine took HIGH offense to that and in her opening statement essentially told Hillary Clinton to go f**k herself, just not in so many words.

In her Opening Statement last night, Judge Jeanine Pirro criticized Hillary Clinton for her “basket of deplorables” remark about “half” of opponent Donald Trump’s supporters.

“So Hillary is basically calling a huge portion of Americans ‘deplorable and irredeemable. Now, I don’t consider myself deplorable—but since you started it, Hillary, let’s have at it.”

Pirro slammed Clinton for perceived hypocrisy as a “so-called feminist, who supports countries that force women to cover every part of their body but their eyeballs.”

“And you want to call us Islamophobes? On the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, if I’m from Lower Manhattan, San Bernardino or Orlando and I’m afraid of a Muslim jihadist, I’m an Islamophobe?”

“You, Hillary are a liar, and a pathological one at that. You’re a cheat. You’re dishonest. You’re condescending, arrogant and contemptuous,” Pirro said.

“And if you think that your half-assed apology will wipe the slate clean you are wrong,” she said.

“I can’t trust a president who doesn’t think I’m worthy of being an American.”

GOOD FOR YOU, Judge Jeanine. You absolutely should be taking a stand here. Clinton is off base and out of line. We have more of a right to be an American than she does considering she sells out to foreign interests, including terrorist nations, and lies to the American people on a near daily basis.

Judge Jeanine is right, how can we trust someone who can’t even recognize us as citizens in her own delusional world. Simple answer really: we never will. You hear that Hillary? WE WILL NEVER TRUST YOU. Nor will we ever elect you.

Give it up. Come November, you’re done.”

AMEN! Go Jeanine go!

This is exactly on the spot!

This is real Hillary.

We do not need her in the White House! We need Trump!

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  1. I’m glad you shoved that unruly,and unjustified lies down everybody’s Throat.She is a long way of even thinking about becoming a president. She is one of the biggest Liars that has ever excepted the uncivilized truth in hiding the truth,except for you know who. Already down loading on people that can’t even stand to look at her big fur balls of lies,and these people following this Demonic Creature trying to elect her for president has to be just as nutty as her trying to cover up all them donations from over seas, i think old “Bill has finally done it”.With all his outrageous Play-Boy style,and has sent her over board,besides being so damn greedy. Foundation over a mere $25,000 that was donated to Trump.Then the Foundation saying they will stop the Donations coming in if Hillary is elected,is about like the Asteroid that is going to hit the Earth in 2050,and that my friends is called WORMWOOD,for those that do not know anything about the Bible,this is one that you can really count on,unless it is sooner than predicted.