Hillary’s Ego Just Took a MASSIVE Hit After Breaking This Depressing Record

Hillarys Ego Just Took a MASSIVE Hit After Breaking This Depressing Record

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may want to forget all about the presidential election, but the hits just keep coming. New research about the 2016 presidential campaign indicated she may have run one of the worst campaigns in years.

A study by the Wesleyan Media Project found that one of Clinton’s mistakes was choosing to attack Trump rather than address issues and policy.

The study, published in the The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics, found that Clinton’s message was “devoid of discussions of policy in a way not seen in the previous four presidential contests.”

That’s pretty bad. But that’s not all.

The study also reported that evidence suggested that “negativity in advertising can have a backlash effect” and that personally focused, negative messages “tend to be seen as less fair, less informative and less important than more substantive, policy-based messaging.”

Clinton outspent her Republican rival Donald Trump on advertising, but yet her reasons why voters should choose her were unclear.

Her decision to focus on Trump’s personality and whether he was fit for office left “very little room” for the former first lady to explain why she was the better choice, and that hurt her, the study found.

Clinton’s campaign failures showed up in her crucial, unexpected losses in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where she didn’t run ads until the final week in the campaign. By then, it was too late.

The paper suggested that Clinton’s failure proved that messages matter.

“A message that is repeated endlessly does no good unless it resonates with a sufficient number of the right voters,” the paper concluded.

And Hillary’s message was meaningless.

Clinton failed at every step of her presidential campaign, but this research showed how much her ego got in the way. Even with a former president for a husband and a lapdog media pulling for her, she couldn’t win because she was a lousy candidate with nothing to offer the American people but hate.

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