Hillary Stirs Up Social Media After Releasing Video Sporting New Haircut

Hillary Stirs Up Social Media After Releasing Video Sporting New Haircut

After staying out of the public eye for several months following her embarrassing loss in the 2016 presidential election, former Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton reemerged for International Women’s Day on Wednesday.

Clinton spoke at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards — and also on the International Women’s Day Snapchat feature — about why it’s important to recognize women, according to The Smoke Room, but it wasn’t her words that had liberals excited on social media — it was her new haircut.

The former secretary of state, who describes herself on Twitter as a “hair icon,” was sporting a much shorter haircut and added bangs to her look, which apparently was a hit with liberals.

“Glad to see @HillaryClinton back on her snap game,” Twitter user Erin Brooks commented. “Is that a new haircut she’s rocking?

Great question. Here’s another: Who cares?

Another Twitter user, Amanda Hite, said she was “digging” Clinton’s new look.

Ashley Fetterolf said Clinton’s haircut was “adorable.”

In response to an article about Clinton’s pro-women message, Kate Laprise had just one comment: “Loving the haircut!”

Apparently — and unsurprisingly — Clinton’s haircut was more exciting than anything she had to say about women or gender-related issues.

One of the reasons Clinton was unsuccessful in the 2016 election was her inability to excite American voters about her failed liberal policies. (Not to mention all those lies and scandals.)

Clinton could dye her hair bright blue, grow it out floor-length or completely shave her head, and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to the fact that her ideas and policies have been rejected by common-sense Americans.

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