Hillary Speech Shows Completely Different Take on Russia… She’s a Fraud


While in the public limelight this election season, Democrat presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has presented herself as a hardliner intent on sticking it to our foreign enemies when offered the chance.

Moreover, she has tried to portray her opponent, GOP candidate Donald Trump, as being diametrically opposed to tough foreign policy, in effect alleging that were he elected president he would cozy up to dictators such as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a document published earlier this month by WikiLeaks, however, the very opposite was revealed. The document contained the transcript of a speech she delivered to a private group in New York in 2013, and in the speech were some shocking remarks about the Russian president.

“I last saw (Vladimir Putin) in Vladivostok, where I represented President Obama in September for the Asia Pacific economic community,” the speech read. “I sat next to him. He’s an engaging and, you know, very interesting conversationalist.”

The most relevant portion came next:

“We talked about a lot of issues that were not the hot-button issues between us, you know, his view on missile defense, which we think is misplaced because, you know, we don’t believe that there will be a threat from Russia, but we think that both Russia and the United States are going to face threats from their perimeter, either from rogue states like Iran or from terrorist groups, that’s not the way he sees it.”

Praising Putin as an “interesting conversationalist” and admitting that she did not consider Russia to be a threat, Clinton had acted like a child with a schoolgirl crush. And according to the webpage for the Republican Party, she had done so for a payment of $225,000.


For a woman who talks so tough about foreign policy, Hillary Clinton might want to read up a bit on the likes of Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Gen. Douglas MacArthur, because there is no way any of those hawks would ever have spoken so lovingly about their enemies.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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