Hillary Furious… Learns Staff Celebrated, Popped Champagne on Campaign Plane as She Lost Race


Except for those of us who intuitively understood from the beginning the chances of GOP nominee Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election, his victory came as a shock.

Perhaps none were shocked more by the loss than Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, whether they were official members of her campaign or her acolytes in the liberal media, who apparently bought wholesale the narrative that Trump could never win and who are now searching for excuses to explain what happened.

We already knew that Clinton’s campaign was self-assured about their expected victory ahead of Election Day, hence the initial planning of a celebratory fireworks display, one that was  canceled at the last moment (someone on her team must have known she would lose), but now we are finding out just how much they had convinced themselves of an impending win.

According to The New York Times, Clinton’s campaign staffers were so confident their boss would win the election that they actually began popping champagne bottles in the middle of the day while on board the campaign plane, even as voting was still under way all across the country.

“Mrs. Clinton’s campaign was so confident in her victory that her aides popped open Champagne on the campaign plane early Tuesday,” The Times reported. “But that conviction, aides would later learn, was based largely on erroneous data showing that young, black and Latino voters and suburban women who had been turned off by Mr. Trump’s comments but viewed Mrs. Clinton unfavorably would turn out for her in higher numbers than they ultimately did.

Hopefully that champagne tasted sweet to them, as Clinton staffers are now drinking a bitter mix of vinegar, sour grapes and liberal tears to go along with their rather large helpings of crow that must now be eaten.

As for the rest of us, we will continue to pop champagne bottles and enjoy our wine or beer as we celebrate finally electing a person who intends to change America for the better, not perpetuate a status quo that would see America grow weaker and be relegated to being just another nation among all others around the globe.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T Independent Journal Review