Hillary Camp Thought Saying “Amen” In Tweet About Pope Was Too Offensive


If was revealed recently via WikiLeaks that at least some of the top campaign staffers serving Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton don’t think too highly of Catholics and evangelical Christians.

While her campaign has yet to really address the initial charges of anti-Christian bigotry, yet more evidence of Team Clinton’s low opinion of Christians has emerged from another dump by WikiLeaks, this time in a message about the leader of the Catholic Church himself, according to The Daily Caller.

An email exchange on June 19, 2015, documented a discussion regarding the proper social media response the campaign should make to the pope’s encyclical and commentary on “man-made climate change.”

The conversation began with two versions of a potential tweet, both of which were deemed “people’s favorites,” no doubt after some polling and focus group testing, which were presented to the rest of the staffers for a final decision as to which would be posted.


The first potential tweet read: “Real problems take real solutions. Thank you, @Pontifex, for shining a light on the crisis of climate change. -H”

The second stated: “There’s only one thing to say about @Pontifex’s bold statements on climate change & renewable energy: Amen. -H”

Clinton staffer Teddy Goff noted that he preferred the second message, but wondered if inclusion of the word “amen” might “rub people the wrong way” and be viewed as offensive to some, dragging campaign chair John Podesta into the mix to give his take on the choice before them.


Ultimately, neither of those two choices made it onto Twitter, with an entirely new message being drawn up and agreed upon, tellingly without the use of the aforementioned “offensive” word “amen.”

The Clinton campaign can deny their anti-Christian bigotry all they want, but if they truly are worried about offending people by using the word “amen” in a tweet about the pope, there isn’t much else they can say to convince American Christians of their friendliness.

As an aside, notice that those potential messages being concocted and caressed by the campaign before posting were signed with the tag “-H,” supposedly meaning the tweet was written and posted directly by Hillary Clinton herself — yet that certainly doesn’t appear to be the case, at least in this instance.

Yet again, the Clinton campaign has been caught in a bigoted lie. What else is new, except how much more they have been exposed to the American public?

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Source: conservativetribune.com