As Hillary Almost Died Today In Ohio, Look At Amazing Thing Trump Did In Philly Today


It is Labor Day and Trump has not stopped working hard. He met with leaders from the Philadelphia labor union today. This is as Hillary Clinton hides from the public and had the worst coughing fit of her career today.

This is why Trump President of the people.

*** Trump is tireless and will work tirelessly for us when he is President.

He has at least 2 rallies a day and holds other events on top of that. He is working harder than any other Presidential candidate in U.S. history to listen to the people and see what he needs to do to make their lives better.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, OH…

Let’s take a look at Hillary Clinton. Look what she was up to. She had a huge coughing fit. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that she should not be President.

Every single patriot left in America needs to share this article right now. This sickly woman cannot become President. She will not live. She is temperamentally unfit to EVER be President.

Here is Trump showing up to a Labor Day fair in Ohio.

Share this article if you are voting Trump. America needs to see the real difference between these two candidates. Go back out on Facebook and comment ‘I’M WITH TRUMP.’ Let’s make this go viral. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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