HILARIOUS: Cartoon Reveals Why Bill Clinton May Be 2016’s Biggest Loser



Robert Gehl reports that the leftist website Vox is claiming that women who voted for Donald Trump are fearful, ignorant and resent other women.

The article, written by Emily Crockett, goes on at great length to describe the type of person who would vote for Donald Trump – especially women.

After leaked audio showed Donald Trump bragging in 2005 that he can “grab [women] by the pussy” and kiss them without consent because he’s “a star,” Trump’s campaign seemed done for.

Many Republicans withdrew their endorsements in disgust, and those who didn’t faced intense pressure to follow suit. Trump’s poll numbers plummeted — and kept plummeting after women started coming forward to allege that Trump had sexually assaulted them.

But then, the free fall stopped. Media attention turned back to Hillary Clinton’s emails with a little over a week to go before the election. A new accusation against Trump from a former Miss Finland, and a newly surfaced video that showed Trump grabbing and kissing a former Miss Universe after humiliating her onstage in front of thousands, barely caused a ripple.

And then Americans elected an alleged sexual predator to be their president. They chose a man who has now been accused of sexual assault by 15 women — a man who has promised to sue all of those women in the first 100 days of his presidency — to be the next leader of the free world.

There are “hostile” sexists, those who outwardly tout anti-woman views:

If you have some “hostile” sexist attitudes, you might mistrust women’s motives and see gender relations as a zero-sum battle between male and female dominance. You might agree with statements like, “Many women get a kick out of teasing men by seeming sexually available and then refusing male advances,” or “Most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist.”

Then there are “benevolent” sexists, those who endorse positive stereotypes of women, but still patronizing ones. “You might agree with statements like, “Women should be cherished and protected by men,” or “Women, compared to men, tend to have a superior moral sensibility.”

Crockett writes that “sexism” explains “Trumpism.” Women who voted for Trump did so because he’s a sexist, not despite it, she claims.

Male dominance actually requires a pretty delicate balance, Glick said. If men want to maintain the control over women they’ve enjoyed for thousands of years, and continue their species, and satisfy their desires for heterosexual love and companionship, they can’t just use brute force. They need women to actually like them and not resent their dominance.

And so a compromise emerged — or at least a “protection racket,” as Glick calls it, like when the Mafioso tells the businessman he’d hate to see his nice shop burn down, so why don’t they make a deal.

This is all cute in a Leftist, academic sort of way, but it misses one key point that they don’t dare touch upon: If “sexism” and “Trumpism” are one in the same – if the women who voted for Trump are secretly ignorant sexist women, then does that mean that the women who voted for Bill Clinton are also just as ignorant? Or even more so?

Amazingly, in Crockett’s long Voxplaining of women, voting and sexism, she manages to ignore the biggest pervert to ever occupy the White House. No mention of Bill Clinton at all.

Bill Clinton: the former President who has admitted to being a sexual predator and worse. Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey… I don’t have room to name all the women who have come forward to claim sexual misconduct by America’s 42nd President.

But that doesn’t get even a nod in Crockett’s piece.

Gee, I wonder how that happened?

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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