HIDDEN CAM: Footage Proves Hillary Is Going to Take Our Guns… We NEED Trump


A Wisconsin senatorial candidate and one of his donors were captured on hidden camera two months ago making disturbing comments regarding Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s potential plans for gun control.

Released by undercover investigator James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas last week, the video first showed O’Keefe approaching Wisconsin senatorial candidate Russ Feingold at a fundraiser in Palo Alto, California, and questioning him about gun control.

“If there’s still Republican control in Congress, and if Hillary is elected, is there anything she can do?” O’Keefe asked.

“Well, there might be executive order,” Feingold replied, adding that background checks needed to be imposed on gun sales made either on the internet or in person.

As a former senator who’s trying to get his job back from the Republican who ousted him in 2010, Feingold is an insider who knows what’s going on. But that exchange was just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking with donor Amy Raio, CEO of Integrated Archive Systems, O’Keefe soon discovered the Democrats’ true plan for guns.

“Hillary wants to shut it down,” Raio bluntly stated. “If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she’ll close loopholes, she’ll get rid of assault weapons, she will get rid of being able to buy, you know, unlimited bullets.”

To watch the full footage from the undercover investigation, please play the video below:

The words spoken in this video came as no major shock to many, including conservative commentator David Webb.

“This just goes to show the way they approach things,” he noted during an appearance on Fox News this weekend, “the Democrats, Russ Feingold, where HIllary Clinton sits …

“If we can’t get it done the right way, then we’ll impede. What have they done in all these jurisdictions around America? Democrats find ways to impede or hinder your right to bear arms, your Second Amendment rights to buy arms. They find every which way to get in your way.”

Conservatives have known this about Clinton Democrats for a long time. It helps, though, that they now have the proof needed to persuade other Americans of the truth, which is that Hillary Rodham Clinton intends to come after their guns if she is elected president.

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