Hero Mom Gets Kids Outside Burning Home, Shuts Herself Back In To Save Them


Early on the morning of Oct. 29, a mother of three in Washington woke up to find her home on fire.

Without a moment to lose, quick-thinking Angel Fiorini, 29, rushed her 18-month-old daughter Rosalie and 3-year-old son Vinny out of the home and then prepared to return for her third child, 7-year-old Gianna, as reported by Spokane’s KREM.

There was just one problem: Knowing her kids, she suspected they might try to follow her back inside. So upon stepping back into the burning house, she shut the door behind her, thus ensuring Rosalie and Vinny would remain outside.

The scheme worked, and without further delay the brave mother sought out Gianna and, thankfully, found her. But there was now another problem: What with clouds of smoke obscuring her vision, Fiorini could not find her way out of the home.

With no other options available to her, the mom then did the unthinkable.

“She had to shut the door and she couldn’t find the door when she came back out so she laid (sic) on top of Gianna,” her friend Carla Kaluder later explained.



Thankfully, a passerby who reportedly saw the smoke intervened, perhaps at the request of her two other children, and found Fiorini and Gianna near the door.

The duo were then dragged out of the home and to safety, though it was already too late to avoid injury. According to news station WLTX, the mother of three had by then suffered burns on over 45 percent of her body.

It took five long weeks, but Fiorini eventually recovered and was permitted to return to her children, all of whom had survived courtesy of her bravery.

“God was with her that night,” one her family members remarked.

To help Fiorini and her family obtain a new home, please consider donating to them via this GoFundMe page.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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