Herman Cain Slams Obama For Creating Rocky Transition For Trump Admin


Popular Republican figure Herman Cain spoke with Fox News hosts Thursday and called President Barack Obama out on what he perceived to be obstructive behavior.

“President Obama is being hurtful,” Cain said. “He is not being helpful. Secondly, he is already trying to position himself as a spoiler during the Trump administration.”

But Cain had some news for President Obama.

“We have a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald J. Trump,” he said.

Obama’s final posturing firstly does not represent the weak stance the Obama administration has taken over the past eight years, and it certainly does not have any impact on the America he leaves behind — his time is over, and President-elect Donald Trump is incoming.

Cain, like many others, looked back to former President George W. Bush as the standard for presidents stepping down.

“George W. Bush set the example. He said ‘I’m gonna shut up, get out of sight, and let the new president be president,’” Cain explained. “This president isn’t doing it during the transition, and he’s probably not going to do it after President-elect Trump takes office.”

You can watch his comments here:

Although annoying to the GOP, the move actually makes sense for the Democrat Party. Who else is there to serve as a leader for the party? There’s a disastrous election that says it isn’t former presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

So these final acts of desperation are just that — all the Dems have left after yet another sound electoral thrashing in November.

Unless a leader emerges for the ether, or the Democrats really go off the deep end and rally behind someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, we will likely be stuck hearing from soon-to-be former President Obama for the foreseeable future.

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Source: conservativetribune.com