Here’s The 1 Thing a Young Boy Spotted In Al Capone’s Jail Cell That EVERYONE Else Missed


While most 13-year-olds are keeping up with the Kardashians or advancing their way through a video game, one Somerton, Pennsylvania, boy had different interests, and they proved to be invaluable during a recent tour of Eastern State Penitentiary.

Joey Warchalk, a seventh-grader at St. Christopher School who collects antique radios, was especially excited to visit Al Capone’s prison cell.

After looking at the cell, he noticed something that didn’t seem quite right — a radio featured in the display was “historically inaccurate,” he said.

Warchalk emailed Eastern State Penitentiary senior vice president Sean Kelley after his tour and respectfully told him that as “an antique collector specializing in radios,” the radio displayed in Capone’s cell was a Philco A-361, which was made in January 1942, so it simply couldn’t have been what Capone, who was paroled in 1939, listened to.

Kelley was quick to hear Warchalk’s explanation and even visited him where he kept a dozen radios, five record players, about one thousand 45s and other pop collectibles in his room.

The teen started collecting foreign coins when he was about 8 when his mother, Jennifer, worked at a bank. The fascination with collecting “just took off from there,” he told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

He got into radios and record players because he liked how “they looked and the way they worked.”

He wasn’t even interested in the cellphone his parents recently gave him for emergencies. “He didn’t want it,” said his mother.

Eastern State allowed Warchalk to become the prison’s agent, authorizing him to spend up to $400 for a historically authentic radio for Al Capone’s cell.

He did just that. He managed to locate a Philco model 76 in good working condition that he believed was appropriate for the display in Capone’s cell. Warchalk will present the radio to ESP during an afternoon cider and cake ceremony on Tuesday, June 7.

Talk about a great achievement for such a young guy.

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