All Hell Breaks Loose When Trump Golf Guest Identified…Then Libs Get Nasty Lesson

All Hell Breaks Loose When Trump Golf Guest Identified Then Libs Get Nasty Lesson

For those who know something about golf, Rory McIlroy isn’t an unfamiliar name.

However, lately his golf game is only part of what’s making him famous. The other is the fact that he dared to golf with President Donald Trump.

While McIlroy didn’t intend the round of golf to be an endorsement, or even a political statement, he was viciously attacked by the left for having anything to do with our president.

The left’s tolerance has never been particularly great.

However, McIlroy’s response to the criticism has been nothing but class, as he advanced the idea that playing a game with a man isn’t an endorsement of anything he is or does.

Seriously, how does anyone not get that?

Last Friday, McIlroy wrote a note that put his detractors to shame:

“I don’t agree with everything my friends or family say or do, but I still play golf with them. Last week, I was invited to play golf with the President of the United States. Whether you respect the person who holds that position or not, you respect the office that he holds,” he wrote.

“This wasn’t an endorsement nor a political statement of any kind. It was, quite simply, a round of golf. Golf was our common ground, nothing else. I’ve traveled all over the world and have been fortunate enough to befriend people from many different countries, beliefs and cultures,” he continued.

“To be called a fascist and a bigot by some people because I spent time in someone’s company is just ridiculous,” he concluded. “I hope, to some degree, this clarifies my decision to accept the invitation that was extended to me. Thanks to everyone for your continued support and I look forward to making my comeback in Mexico next week.”

That’s right, lefties. You can associate with people who don’t agree with you, and that’s OK.

Let’s wish him the best of luck in his upcoming matches.

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