IT’S HAPPENING: Congress Finally Makes Move to Defund U.N., And It Gets Even Better


If President Barack Obama thought he could stab Israel in the back and get away with it, he thought very wrong. Now, the chickens from his administration’s abstention on an anti-Israeli resolution in the U.N. Security Council are coming home to roost.

Unnamed congressional leaders told the Washington Free Beacon that Congress was moving swiftly to punish both the U.N. and Palestine for the vote, including measures that could defund the global body and kick Palestinian diplomats off of American soil.

Other actions could involve reducing diplomatic ties with nations that voted for the measure.

The congressional leaders also said they believed the Obama administration was planning to make moves additional against Israel before leaving office next month.

One congressional leader who’s already made it clear he intended to take action was Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. In a Facebook statement on Wednesday, he went after the Obama administration for their betrayal of Israel.

“President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Ambassador Power, and their colleagues should remember that the United States Congress reconvenes on Jan. 3, and under the Constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti-Israel initiatives,” Sen. Cruz said.

“The 115th Congress must stop the current administration’s vicious attack on our great ally Israel, and address the major priorities of the incoming administration,” he added.

In an earlier statement, released after the vote last Friday, Cruz had said that he would work “to significantly reduce or even eliminate U.S. funding of the United Nations, and also to seriously reconsider financial support for the nations that supported this resolution.

“For those who have put your name to this despicable attack on Israel, you did so with full knowledge of the consequences of your actions,” he added.

Those are some very big chickens, especially since Fox News estimates that we spend $8 billion on the U.N. and its affiliated organizations each year, of which $3 billion goes to the body itself. That’s more than 185 of the 193 members combined, and certainly more than any other contributor.

If that money goes away, things would really get interesting. And kicking Palestinian diplomats off of American soil … well, that would make a lot of people happy, too.

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