Gun Shop Slams Taxes With Subtle Message on Every Receipt


Some of our readers may have noticed the increasingly popular assortment of online memes all declaring the same message — “taxation is theft” — a message derived from the correct observation that everything the government possesses and gives to others was first taken from private individuals and businesses, typically through the levying of excessive and voluminous taxes.

Now it would appear that the owners of one gun shop in California have taken to sharing that message with their customers, not through tech-savvy or online means, but by printing it right on the receipts for customer purchases.

Pictures of one of the shop’s receipts has gone viral in recent days, and it isn’t hard to figure out why after taking a mere glance at the small slip of paper.

In totaling the charges for a new buttstock for an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle, the store listed the 9 percent state sales tax as “Gov’t Theft AKA 9 % Tax.”

Twitchy reported that Independent Journal Review actually called the store to verify that the pictured receipt was real.

The store in question, Firearms Unknown of National City, California, has attracted attention before.

In reporting about the hilarious receipt, The Truth About Guns noted that the store had drawn fire previously when an employee had frightened precious snowflake Californians by standing outside the store and twirling around a massive cardboard cutout in the shape of an AR-15 as a way to advertise for the business’ sale on the popular rifles.

We whole-heartedly encourage all businesses who understand the true nature of taxation to likewise educate their customers about why some products cost so much, what with the government having to take its cut.

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