GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Horrifying New Tattoo Trend Is All the Rage… Parents Pray Children Never Risk It


Kids do stupid things, but the latest stupid act being pursued by some of them may in fact be putting their lives at great risk.

The U.K. Sun explained that kids appeared to be mutilating themselves in a bid to give themselves tattoos.

The painful process reportedly involves using a scalpel to remove a layer of skin in the shape of the desired tattoo, and then loading the recesses up with tattoo ink. Once the area heals — if ever — the scar transforms into a tattoo.

This gruesome trend is apparently being led by Yann Brenyak, a so-called “body modification expert” who refers to these self-tattoos as “graphic skin portraits.”

Self-Mutilating Tattoo Close-Up

The guy works out of London and has 15,000 followers on Instagram, as well as plenty of real-life customers who come to him daily to get their “tattoo” — though just for clarification, plenty of kids have attempted their own.

“This is not any more extreme than someone getting plastic surgery, and it’s less painful,” Brenyak argued.

“People go through much more pain by going to the gym every day trying to be a mass of muscle, and to many, covering your body with ink or scars can be more helpful or beneficial when it comes to making people feel good in the skin they were born in,” he added.

Self-Mutilating Tattoo Close-Up 4

He apparently forgot that this technique happens to be significantly less safe than getting a conventional tattoo or working out at a gym.

Moreover, we suspect that kids who seek out this sort of self-gratification may simply be crying out for attention and help, not for life advice from a hipster doofus like Brenyak.

Self-Mutilating Tattoo Close-Up 2

Tattoos by themselves don’t necessarily fall on one side of another of any political line; conservatives mainly object to taxpayers paying for them.

Dangerous self-mutilation is another story. Unfortunately, in today’s politically correct culture, any who dare point out the risks associated with this foolishness are considered judgmental.

Once upon a time, people like us used to be known as “adults.”

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