GRAPHIC: Cops Come Running When Woman Reports Sicko Dragging Helpless Dog Behind Motorized Cart

Cops Come Running When Woman Reports Sicko Dragging Helpless Dog Behind Motorized Cart

A Texas man who took his dog for a “walk” in the cruelest way possible found himself behind bars thanks to a quick-thinking neighbor who not tried to stop him but also had the presence of mind to record the whole incident as evidence for law enforcement.

According to KGBT, the incident took place Feb. 16 in Mission, Texas, when Melissa Torrez saw the man riding his motorized wheelchair with a dog trailing behind him.

But the German shepherd wasn’t walking with 59-year-old Mario Cardona. It was being dragged across the ground.

Check out KGBT’s coverage here. (WARNING: Some of our readers may have a hard time watching this footage. Viewer discretion is advised.):

“I turn around,” Torrez told the television station. “I see him dragging his dog from the middle of street all the way to second driveway. I’m out of my car yelling at him, asking him ‘What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?’

“And he just keeps going, telling me to mind my own business, it’s his dog he can do whatever he wants.”

Not quite.

Torrez took the evidence to the Mission Police Department and Cardona was arrested quickly.

Mission Police Lt. Jody Tittle seemed to be grateful for Torrez’s activism.

“You know, something like this is great because somebody actually provided us with video evidence,” Tittle said according to WANE. “Sometimes animal cruelty is hard to prove, you know, as bad as that may sound.”

There’s no question about this one.

According to KGBT, Cardona’s bond on the animal cruelty charge was set at $10,000.

Cardona’s dog was seized by animal control officers, the station reported.

Hopefully, the animal will be entrusted to more loving owners, and this man will get the help he pretty clearly needs.

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