Grandmother Finds Mummified Remains Of Grandson In Attic 2 Years After Dissaperance


Zanobia Richmond, 65, had been living for the past two years convincing herself that her grandson had simply run away from their Pennsylvania home, but a large thud in her attic revealed just where he had been for two years.

When the grandmother went to check on the noise, she found a mummified body that police believed to be her grandson, Dyquain Rogers, who was 21 at the time of his disappearance, WICU reported.

While the investigation was still in its early stages, police believed that this was a simple suicide — a suicide all the more shocking because it happened right in the grandmother’s house and she never noticed anything.

“I just kept pretending like he just left Erie, so I just kept focusing on that, that he left here, that’s what I kept saying,” explained Rogers’ mother, Carol Rogers.

The Erie Times-News reported that Rogers appears to have been suicidal, based on several posts on social media sites in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Though the police had not yet confirmed the identity of the body, some of Rogers’ relatives were already saying they don’t believe it was a suicide and they wanted a fully autopsy conducted.

“I don’t believe any of this stuff,” said Rogers’ aunt, Erica Jeffries-Jordan. “I want answers.”

When Rogers disappeared, he left behind his cellphone and wallet, which made it impossible for police and relatives to determine where he had gone, U.K. Metro reported.

One can only imagine the shock and horror the grandmother must be feeling right now realizing that her grandson was apparently rotting away in her attic all this time and she had no idea.

Hopefully police can straighten all of the details out quickly and give this family some hope of closure.

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