Gorsuch Rolls His Eyes After Taking Ridiculous Questions from Sen. Franken

Gorsuch Rolls His Eyes After Taking Ridiculous Questions from Sen Franken

Despite there being a very high probability that President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, will be confirmed by the Senate, Democrats have kept putting him through the wringer throughout the confirmation process.

Gorsuch has been hit with disgusting smears and questioned repeatedly about non-existent or irrelevant scandals, but he has displayed an inordinate amount of patience.

However, observant social media users seemed to notice a brief moment when Gorsuch’s patient facade may have cracked, as he seemingly rolled his eyes after Democrat Minnesota Sen. Al Franken launched into yet another ridiculous attempt to discredit him, according to Twitchy.

You can catch what appears to be an eye roll, or at least a smirking sideways glance to the sympathetic Republican committee members, at the end of this short clip from C-SPAN:

As could be expected, Twitter users watching the hearing carefully wasted no time taking to the social media network to point out what they’d just seen.

Take a look:

Another user caught the moment by using his cellphone camera to film the hearing on his TV, posting his own clip of the moment.

Many other users agreed that the eye roll was entirely deserved.

While Gorsuch has had several excellent replies to the absurdity of the Democrat committee members, the eye roll definitely will be listed near the top of the list of his best responses of the hearings.

Hopefully this confirmation hearing charade will be drawn to a close soon and the Senate will hold a full vote on Gorsuch’s nomination, as he is needed on the court as soon as possible.

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