GOP Rock Star Hermain Cain Issues Shock Statement on Trump Tax Returns


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tax returns seem to be all the Democrats can talk about lately. This always seemed like a funny strategy to me, since bringing up the fact that the Democrats are the party that will wring every cent out of you through tariffs and levies doesn’t strike me as something that will get everyday Americans running to the polls to declare that They’re With Her™.

To GOP rock star Herman Cain, the tax returns strategy also seemed an absurd one. And he had a message for Donald Trump:

If all the Democrats have to talk about is your tax returns, then don’t release them.

Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and 2012 Republican Party presidential candidate, was appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” Wednesday when he was asked about Trump’s taxes.

“I would not release my tax returns if I were Donald Trump,” Cain said. “And here’s why: It would just give the nitpickers more opportunities to nitpick something, to try to turn it into a big story in order to distract from the success that Donald Trump is having.”

“They keep bringing it up. That’s all they have,” Cain added.

Herman Cain brought up an important point about Donald Trump’s tax returns: Trump has already released a 92-page document detailing his finances. Nobody has successfully claimed that any information in that disclosure misrepresented the data that would be on his tax returns.

You can watch the full interview here:

The media don’t want to see whether Trump is being deceitful. Here’s what they want his tax returns for:

“Tonight, on ‘All In’ with Chris Hayes: Trump gave $10,000 to a charity that saves sea otters but only $500 to one that works for three-toed sloth preservation efforts. Is Trump’s cute-animal bias indicative of his wider bigotry, which of course it is? We ask the tough questions absolutely nobody wanted answered, now on MSNBC.”

Ironically, the media seem not to have this much zeal for finding Hillary Clinton’s email or health records, documents that would have a more meaningful impact on voters’ choices than Trump’s tax returns would. If that’s their attitude, Cain is right.

Let them speculate, then let the voters decide. When they do, a lot of nitpickers could be in for a rude awakening on Nov. 8.

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