Good Samaritan Recognized for Assisting State Trooper With Violent Suspect

Good Samaritan Recognized for Assisting State Trooper With Violent Suspect

When Charles Barney saw a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper struggling with a suspect on the side of the interstate, he knew he had to do something to help.

The trooper, Beau Ryun, had pulled over 22-year-old Johnathan Timmons about 11 a.m. Tuesday on Interstate 70, and when he smelled marijuana in his car, Ryun asked Timmons to step outside the vehicle, according to

But, when the trooper tried to put handcuffs on Timmons, the suspect resisted.

“We began fighting on the side of the interstate,” Ryun said, explaining that his uniform radio had stopped working during the altercation, rendering him unable contact dispatchers and request help.

Fortunately, the help Ryun needed was passing by at just the right time — Barney and his fiancé, who was the first one to notice the officer struggling with the suspect.

“That guy was just fighting and screaming, fighting and screaming, he just kept resisting, kept resisting, kept resisting,” Barney, 38, told

The quick-thinking good Samaritan used Ryun’s patrol car radio to call for backup for the trooper, but knew he had to do something in the meantime before other law enforcement arrived.

“I finally just grabbed (Timmons’) arm and bent it back over his head, and I told him, I said, ‘man, if you don`t stop, I`ll break it,’” Barney explained.

Another passerby, a 74-year-old woman known only as “Sandra” also stopped to help the men, KSHB reported. She was slightly injured in the struggle.

Eventually, Timmons gave up, and Ryun, with Barney’s help, was able to get handcuffs on him as other officers were showing up.

Ryun later found out that several passers-by had called 911 to report the altercation, and while Ryun was grateful to all of them, he particularly wanted Barney and his finance to be publicly recognized for actually stopping to help him.

“I`m just extremely grateful for them stopping,” the trooper said, according to KDVR.

Timmons was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, attempt to disarm a law enforcement officer, third-degree assault, felony resisting, possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

During a time where police officers have been targeted, attacked and degraded, it’s certainly refreshing to see that some people still respect our law enforcement officers and support what they do — even if that means putting themselves in harm’s way to do so.

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