Good Samaritan Assaults Man Who Snatched Woman’s Purse on Street


A good Samaritan in China kept a woman from being mugged and nearly beat the daylights out of the would-be mugger.

Video footage of a scene on a city street showed a woman leaving a store when a man walking in the opposite direction saw her and decided she would make an easy target. The man jumped her and tried to pull her purse from her hands. The woman hit the ground as the man tried to grab her purse.

Another man who saw the woman in distress didn’t waste a moment before jumping into action. He ran toward the mugger and proceeded to hit him on the head. The blow was so fierce that it knocked the mugger off his feet.

However, the fact that the mugger was on the ground didn’t stop the hero in the video from giving the mugger a few more kicks — some to the head — for good measure.

Amazingly, the attacker was able to get to his feet after the ordeal.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that the video was uploaded Dec. 12 to the Chinese social website Weibo. It was not immediately known who any of the people in the video were or where exactly the confrontation took place — only that the mugger took a serious beating.

Take a look at the beating this guy took in the video below:

Hopefully this jerk will think twice before he decides he wants to grab another unsuspecting woman’s purse.

It’s good to know that we still have people in the world who will step in when they see injustices taking place.

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